Incorporating Afro-Cuban Folkloric Rhythms into Drum Set Playing

This workshop will demonstrate how to apply Bata drum rhythms and other Afro-Cuban folkloric styles to the drum set for playing Latin Jazz.  The workshop will expand the drummer’s vocabulary that can also be applied to all musical forms.Participants will learn what Bata drums are, where they come from, and how they communicate with each other rhythmically through complex polyrhythms.  The workshop includes a demonstration of how each of the three Bata drums are played individually as well as how they are played together.

Participants will then learn how to transfer the rhythms and concepts of the Bata drums to the drum set.  Other Afro-Cuban Folkloric drums, rhythms, and styles from the three pillars of Afro Cuban music, Yoruba, Kongo, Carabali .  Participants will also learn how to use the Bata rhythms and various Afro-Cuban Folkloric rhythms melodically on the drum set.The workshop culminates incorporating these rhythms into the techniques and chops of playing the drum set.

Incorporating Afro-Cuban Popular Music into Latin Jazz on Drum Set

Participants will learn how to fuse various popular Cuban musical styles with Latin Jazz, including Timba, Danzon, Pilon, Mozambique, as well as other styles.  Participants will first learn how to play the styles individually.  Then, they will learn how to incorporate these styles into Latin Jazz on the drum set and timbales. 

Distinctive clave rhythms from different styles are covered as well as how they can be incorporated into playing Latin Jazz.  Participants will also learn how the snare drum, bass drum, cowbells, and claves work together when playing Latin Jazz.

Use of rests or silence to create syncopation in Latin Jazz Drumming

Participants will learn how to apply the Folkloric vocabulary into the groove and solos as well as how to use the tom toms to create melody.  Participants will also learn how to use rests or silence in constructing musical phrases when playing modern Latin Jazz by breaking down each section of the drum set as well as the cow bell, culminating in playing them all together.  In addition, participants work on building chops through melodic phrasing for playing a groove as well as playing solos.

Interdependence in Latin Jazz Drumming

This workshop addresses how to achieve interdependence that can be applied to any style of music, including odd meters.  Participants will first learn exercises on the snare drum based on stick control without accents as well as with accents.  The same exercises are applied to the bass drum, tom toms with the snare drum, and finally, using the whole drum set.  Each exercise is done over a clave rhythm that is played with either your hand or your foot.  The workshop culminates in applying these techniques to playing the drum set in its full musical context.  The communication in the rhythm section between multiple percussionists is addressed as well as how the percussionists engage in rhythmical dialogues.